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Salt is beneficial for minced meat, but it will cause more trouble for vegetables to meet salt. Because of the low soaking pressure of vegetable cells, when salt is encountered, it is easy for juice to flow out, which will make dumpling filling thinner and make it more difficult to make dumplings. After wrapping, it is easy to make dumpling skin soft, sticky before boiling, and fragile when boiling.
制造饺子馅的蔬菜,一个要点是,一定不要用盐把水“逼”出来,更不要挤去菜汁,能够应用加盐拌好的肉馅来吸水。蔬菜的可溶性营养成分如维生素C、维生素B2、叶酸、类黄酮、钾等,很大一局部在菜汁当中,香气物质也是如此。 二个要点是要“细切”,而不是“剁碎”。切对细胞完好性的毁坏较小,出水少;剁碎则会严重毁坏细胞,出水多。三个要点是蔬菜不能切早了。菜切碎后放时间久了,细胞内物质接触空气而逐步氧化,维生素、香气物质容易损失,特别是韭菜久放会产生臭味,十字花科蔬菜中的硫甙类抗癌物质也会损失沉重。
One of the main points of making dumpling stuffing vegetables is that we must not use salt to "force" water out, let alone squeeze out vegetable juice. We can use salt-mixed meat stuffing to absorb water. Vegetable soluble nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, folic acid, flavonoids, potassium and so on, most of them are in vegetable juice, and so are aromatic substances. Two key points are to be "careful" rather than "chopped". Cutting damages the integrity of cells less and produces less water; chopping damages cells severely and produces more water. Three points are that vegetables should not be cut early. After chopping vegetables for a long time, intracellular substances gradually oxidize when exposed to air. Vitamins and aromatic substances are easy to lose, especially the odor of leek, and the thioglycoside anticancer substances in cruciferous vegetables will also lose heavily.
So it is necessary to mix the meat filling first, then mix the vegetables, and immediately wrap them in the dumplings. Four main points are: after chopping vegetables, immediately mix in two spoons of fragrant oil. Oil will form a thin layer of fat on the surface of vegetable particles. After mixing with salty meat fillings, salt can not dissolve in fat, so it will not immediately penetrate the fat layer into vegetable crumbs. This will further ensure that the dumpling filling less water, vegetable particles and meat blend satisfactorily together.
In order to make delicious dumplings, it is very important to mix the filling of quick-frozen dumplings. Many people are often frustrated that the dumpling filling has produced too much water. It is easy to deal with the following links.
Meat stuffing: I chop and mix well.
Meat filling data should be selected three points fat seven points thin or two points fat eight points lean pork, ideal lean meat with a little white fat lines, tender meat, no tendons, and comparable to juicy. Thin meat is usually low in fat content, tastes better than wood, tougher, and tastes less good when stuffed. When meat is cut, salty seasonings must be added. Salt, chicken essence and soy sauce are all available. If the meat filling needs to inhale more vegetable water, choose the first two items; if there is more meat and less vegetable, or less vegetable water, you can choose soy sauce.
When meat is added to salty condiments such as soy sauce, salt and chicken essence, it should be stirred in the same direction. Myosin in muscle cells runs out of cells when it encounters salt and becomes very absorbent. It can make meat fillings sticky and stick to other ingredients such as vegetables. It is not easy to disperse during cooking. It is advocated that you chop meat as much as possible and absorb 20% to 30% of the water equivalent to the weight of the meat filling. The process of chopping meat can abundantly destroy muscle cells, and allow myosin to contact salt and various condiments occasionally. The purpose of stirring is to make the participating salt contact muscle cells sufficiently and efficiently to "invite" myosin out.

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